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The painted structural steel sculpture in front of Martin Luther King Plaza on Fraser Street depicts an abstract prehistoric creature created by Philadelphia artist John Parker.

“The forms from nature that I have drawn from for these sculptures are taken from insect life-segmented, hard shelled bodies, robotic and armor coated, yet able to instantly take flight. The large scale of these otherwise small creatures comes from reality and fantasy of the prehistoric world. Steel plate is my material of choice: man made and industrial in its purchased form. I enjoy the challenge of making something animated and weightless with iron,” said Parker.

Pictasaurus was selected in 1986 as one of finalists by the 30-member Arts and Public Places committee. It was a subgroup of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, joined with the Borough of State College and private donors to fund the art work that now appears at the entrance to the Fraser Street Plaza.  In 2012, repairs were made to the sculpture, including rust removal and repainting.