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The four-foot artistic rendering of a box of popcorn above the Cinema Shops at Heister Street and Calder Way is a nod to the Cinema Shops’ former life as Cinema 5, one of the last movie houses in the downtown. The whimsical mural is about six feet above street level on the south side just at the entrance to Calder Way. The height is a protection that keeps the popcorn looking fresh.

Natalia Pilato, executive director of the Collective, is completing her PhD in art education at Penn State. She was the Director of Arts and Education at the Campbell Street Community Center in Williamsport. Elody Gyekis is the artistic director of the Community Arts Collective and is an artist in residence at the Green Drake Gallery in Millheim.

The CAC, based in State College, was established to enrich community through artistic processes using public space as a canvas to promote civic engagement.