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  • The Crooked House
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It all began with a sketch, an old house…and a question: “What do you with an 1857 house that can’t be saved?” …you make art! Architect, teacher and artist Benjamin Fehl answered the question in 2009. He proposed the project when studying for a master’s of fine arts degree at Penn State. Since then, the Crooked House project has evolved into community art project in Milesburg, not far from State College.

The Crooked House is a life-size (16.5 ft x 22.5 ft.) concrete sculpture of an historic house.  It is only five feet from the sidewalk on a main street, bringing a piece of contemporary art to the everyday life of the 1,231 residents.  The front preserves the details of the house and the back incorporates handprints and mementoes from the 1850s and today.

As a sculpture, “the house examines the essence of home. With only a face that gives the image of a house at its most basic – a door, windows, the angle of the roof and a fireplace – in many ways it resembles a child’s drawing. When you ender the Crooked House, there is a space for you to be at home.”

The project is expected to be completed in 2017.